Decorating a display cake (fake) with Gum Paste

  1. Prepare Styrofoam;
  2. After modeling and sanding, spread on white glue, lightly softened with water or vegetable fat, using a wide brush. Always use a smaller cake underneath what you’re covering so you can cut the sides easily;
  3. Stretch the gum paste and place on top, carefully smoothing the edges. Leave it to dry for a day or two;
  4. You can also decorate with gum paste (loops, flowers, stickers, dolls, etc.).
  5. The frosting should already be colored. To get the frosting really white, use white dye.
  6. Follow same as for Brazilian Fresh Fondant, like kneading, stretching, and leveling. Take your time decorating and let it dry for another two days in a dry place;
  7. After drying, store the cake in a large, tightly-sealed plastic bag. It will last for two years or more, if you use the bag carefully to avoid getting the cake dirty;
  8. Don’t panic if the frosting begins to dry before you stretch it. Put it in a microwave for 10 to 20 seconds and knead it again. If it’s already getting a little crust, add some new frosting (from the container). It’s best to keep it in a closed container, because it is made to dry fast.

Veja como se usa a Pasta BrasileiraIf someone breaks a piece off a display cake (such as some lace) that has already been prepared and dried for several days, put a damp cotton cloth on the container and wait for 15 minutes. Use a stylus and cut a small piece out where the frosting broke. If it is not suspended, that is, if the broken part is glued to the cake, you can do the same thing. Make a patch and carefully glue another piece into place (the same shade), flatten well to level it, and wait for it to dry. If you do this very carefully, the correction won’t be noticeable.

When it’s time to stretch it out, you can gradually add cornstarch, so the dough will dry faster and become lighter and smoother.

When you no longer wish to use a display cake because it’s dirty or damaged, you can soak it in water for 40 minutes and the gum paste will come off. Wash and reuse the Styrofoam. This way you can help protect the environment!

It is also possible to make flowers and little animals by mixing 30% Gum Paste and 70% Brazilian Fresh Fondant, which children love to eat. Don’t forget the essence.

To form flowers or dolls that are not edible, use only Gum Paste, which becomes hard as tile after drying.

Display cake decoration – Summary:

  1. Prepare the appropriate styrofoam, sanding it up if necessary;
  2. Spread on vegetable fat or white glue to make the frosting stick;
  3. Knead and stretch the frosting to the appropriate size and cover the cake;
  4. Allow it to dry overnight, then finish the decoration;
  5. After drying, it lasts for at least two years.

How to form edible dolls

  • Mix 70% Brazilian Fresh Fondant and 30% Gum Paste, so the dolls stay firm and soft enough to eat.
  • Gum Paste is not recommended for eating, because after drying it becomes very hard.
  • The mix can also be used to decorate mini cakes, fine sweets, cupcakes, and lollipops.

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