The clear need for a tasty and visually appealing covering for moist, refrigerated cakes inspired the creation of Pasta Brasileira®. It’s a versatile covering that is easy to prepare and saves precious time for confectionery professionals who want to offer customers the best taste and appearance. The formula and preparation method of our frosting mix are exceptional when it comes to decorating cakes.

Brazilian Fresh Fondant has many advantages:

Can be safely refrigerated;

Doesn’t require a thick layer to cover cakes (1/4-inch minimum);

Good malleability, stretches and smooths easily, without drying or cracking;

Easy storage, in a freezer, refrigerator or outside, provided that for freezing it is inside a cardboard box (suitable for cakes);

Easy recovery of the proper consistency using a microwave, if necessary ( i.e., if it is frozen or at a very low room temperature);

Great adhesion if you need to repair it or stick pieces together;

Great taste; stays soft; melts in the mouth;

With decorating tips: Mix in a blender (about 1/2 cup of fondant mix with three tablespoons of water), sifting and giving a royal icing point with powdered sugar;

Can also be used to decorate cupcakes, cookies and fine sweets;

Can be used to form flowers or stickers with cutters or injectors;

Sticks to whipped cream (on the sides of the cake, as long as it’s not too heavy);

Zero waste – can be saved by kneading the leftovers again before storing.

Accepts dyes and essences well, without losing its consistency, which can be adjusted with added powdered sugar;

Smooth and soft texture, easy to knead, no cracks;

Flexible –  doesn’t return to its original shape when stretched;

Elastic – doesn’t crack if stretched and folded;

Low humidity, doesn’t stick to your hand; feels like a baby’s skin.

Note: For mini-cakes, which usually come in large quantities, the mix can be stretched in an electric cylinder, providing a time savings of at least 80%.


COMES PREMADE. Just put it in a silicone mold and let dry overnight, or for 4 hours on hot days. It can also be put in a half-open oven for 10 minutes at 266 °F. Carefully remove from the mold. Stays flexible for 3 months if stored in a cardboard box between paper towels. Keep the leftovers refrigerated. Accepts gel and powder coloring.


Softer, quick-drying. Maintains flexibility while molding, and takes only 3 minutes to dry after being molded. After drying, it can be stored in a cardboard box for at least 3 months. Accepts dyes, gel and powder.