Pasta BrasileiraPasta Brasileira (Cake Fondant) is a cake covering that replaces regular fondant. It is simple and ready-to-use, and easily fits cakes that are square, round, or other shapes (real or display cakes, made of styrofoam). It doesn’t dry up easily on the table and, if stored, can simply be warmed up and will resume its original shape in a few seconds. The product was developed by Edna Schimidt, proprietor of Estilo & Sabor, a fine confectionery atelier. Edna says about how she was inspired to develop Brazilian Fresh Fondant: “One night I dreamed of a magic sugar coating that brought imagination and flavor to my cakes, that turned moments of celebration of life into slices that were chilled, moist, aromatic and filled with good memories and colors.”

She describes some of the key features of this fantastic frosting: “It was then that the most delicious of my dreams came true, in the form of a sweet covering for refrigerated or even frozen cakes with moist and delicate fillings, perfectly revealing every dye and essence, a frosting that melts in your mouth like soft caramel.” Cakes and other confectionery covered with this product are differentiated, and greatly improved, by their versatility, high yield and superior quality standards.

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Now is the time for you to try it out! We guarantee that you will find that this fondant makes a significant difference, in both production and results, increasing the quality of your final products. Our company is built on the desire to help confectioners tackle difficulties with covering their cakes.

Edna Schimidt

After so many years of stress from working with conventional frostings, we decided to create something that could solve all our problems, such as decorating cakes more quickly. We wanted to make our work of decorating beautiful cakes more satisfying and enjoyable, while fulfilling our customers’ desires.

A long-awaited cake gives customers the satisfaction of seeing a work of art that is as enjoyable to consume as to look at. And this is our main goal: to give our customers an uncontrollable desire to keep coming back for more until they are totally satisfied.